Ideal Foundries 17 Km, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore

About Us

about us

About UsWho We Are

Kamraj Enterprises (KE) (Pvt.) Ltd. has been in the steel sector for more than 30 years, and is well known for its reliability, commitment and outstanding reputation.

Ideal Foundries and Engineering Works (IFEW) is a subsidiary of Kamraj Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd, which was founded in 2010. We aim to be the leaders of quality products, customer service and innovation for tomorrow.

Dealing in the casting industry, IFEW vows to provide high quality standards by engaging in latest technologies and using ingenious methods for our projects.

Our working professionals are highly trained in their jobs. Our employees are part of Ideal family, and their growth directly benefits our products value and quality. Hence, we always strive to provide an unprecedented environment for our employees to grow personally and professionally.


“Work hard and honest today to build for a better and stronger future tomorrow”.

Chairman’s Message

We foresee a future where IDEAL is a powerhouse on its own, working and serving customers worldwide. Excellency is our aim, which will be reflected in our deeds and products.