Ideal Foundries 17 Km, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore

Quality Assurance



All our products are tested by Spectrometer of Kruger (Germany) before being delivered to the machine department.

Our wet testing laboratories are equipped with finest technology and highly qualified workers, therefore enabling us to meet international standards of quality as well as customer requirements.

Our products will never disappoint our customers and our quality control procedures are on the guidelines of ISO9000:2008


Eco friendly

We understand that global warming is a serious issue, so we have selected the environmentally friendly methods, which consume less energy and achieve the same level of effectiveness. In order to help the environment and reduce pollution we use recyclable scrap metal to produce our products.


Work Place Environment

We believe that the internal foundations are just as important as external. At Ideal Foundries we keep a transparent and open relationship with our employees. We have strict policies for maintaining safety standards for our employees and the people around; we emphasize and value team work, honesty and helpful feedback. Team work and a sense of belonging in an organization is very important that’s why every job done well, is reinforced positively.